Life isn’t about the finish line.
It’s not a pre-planned journey embedded in us.
An end-game. A cold, scientific set of outcomes we have to achieve.
Like breath, life is constantly flowing from the repetitive, day-to-day moments to the most remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
It makes us realise our aspirations, without forgetting what we already have; aspire for elite performance, without sacrificing our wellness; get the most out of every day, without losing the joy of life.
This is more than possible, and something we can all do.
So let’s break through assumptions, excuses and expectations.

Together, let’s Realise Human Potential
Team HUPO 10

HUPO is a world-class performance and wellbeing company

We have a demonstrated track record of successfully working with the best for nearly 2 decades.

We exist to
realise human potential.

HUPO uses emotional and physiological intelligence, mindset and wellbeing practices & rigorous research to provide engaging programs & awe-inspiring experiences. Ambitious people, teams and businesses will realise their potential so they can generate greater performance.

We walk the talk

We inspire others through our actions and teachings. We are healthy, hard-working and happy about it.

We are performance ready

How we show up matters. We are intentional in our daily actions and bring our full selves to work.

We are all about the experience

We sweat the big and the small stuff, before, during and after every engagement. Our enthusiasm and approach contribute to world-class experiences.

We grow together

We’re always growing; as people, as a team, and through our products and services. We recognise our progress often and celebrate to create greater meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

We are intentional

Every moment counts, we optimise our time, through planning & strategies, to ensure we have fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Meet the Team

Our Performance Coaches

Nam Baldwin

Elite Performance Coach

Brett Robbo

Elite Performance Coach

Matt Barber

Elite Performance Coach

Behind the Scenes

Devon Baskerville

CEO & Managing Director

Tracy McGregor

Office & Operations Manager